Visual Art Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design
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Whether you're producing a television show, designing a magazine, writing an editorial, photographing, or painting a portrait, the goal is always to create human connection.

Our graduates have worked with:

ESPN, Popular Mechanics, Fitness Magazine, ADRA, Loma Linda Hospital, Life and Thyme Culinary Magazine, JohnsonRauhoff, Land O’ Lakes, Purina, University of Miami, The Ritz Carlton, Maranatha Volunteers International, DirecTV, Smithsonian, Whirlpool Corporation, Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Florida Hospital & Schawk!

Student Work 

Envision Magazine & the #MeToo Movement

81% of women surveyed say they have experienced sexual harrassment. Mrs. America 2018 MeKayla Fawn Eppers sits down with the Envision team to discuss her own experience and the #MeToo movement. 


We sat down with Mrs. America and talked #MeToo

Featured Alumni 

Tommy Greene

BFA Graphic Design, 2013


After spending time in NYC and abroad, I opened Trap—Studio with my wife Lauren, who also attended Andrews University where she received a BFA in Graphic Design. Trap—Studio is an independent creative studio with 20+ years of combined experience working from Traverse City, Michigan. Our clients know us for a variety of visual services but at the core, our offerings center on aesthetic practices like design and photography. We work with both local and national clients to find perfect alignment through remarkable creative solutions. Additionally, I am the Creative Director for One of None, a tech startup based out of Nashville Tennessee, where we are building the premier authentication solution for limited editions across art, sports, music, and fashion.